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Supporting Kids with Autism and their Families

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Our Mission

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At Children at Risk, we are dedicated to supporting families in the Greater Ottawa area with children diagnosed within the autism spectrum disorders.


Our mission is to ensure that these children, who are at risk of not reaching their full potential, receive early, intensive, and skillfully implemented intervention.


We aim to foster their ability to overcome behavioral, communication, and social challenges, enabling them to achieve their utmost potential and enhancing family life and community engagement.


By raising public awareness about autism, advocating at multiple levels, and collaborating with local organizations, we are steadfast in our commitment to creating a supportive and inclusive future for autistic children and their families.

Ways to help


Become A Member

Become a member today! Dive into exclusive insights with our 'Children At Risk' e-magazine, participate in our Annual General Meeting, and connect with our dedicated members-only Facebook community. Your journey with us makes a difference!


Raise Money

Raise funds with us! Join exclusive events, get special updates, and connect in our dedicated Facebook group.

Every dollar counts!



Transform lives of children at risk, connect with like-minded individuals, and acquire invaluable skills. 

Volunteer with us!


It’s difficult to put into words how much your organization means to families like ours, we know how much work it is to look after just 1 child with special needs  - it is unbelievable to watch you do it with 60+ kids all at the same time!

Thank you - if only there were more organizations like yours to help us, we are forever indebted to Children at Risk for all that you give.

- Krista

Our Partners

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