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Our Mission

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Children at Risk isn't just a name; it's a promise of hope and positive change.

In a landscape marred by hunger and uncertainty, we emerge as a beacon, turning challenges into opportunities.

We're not merely distributing food; we're nourishing dreams and securing futures.

With a footprint that positively impacts over 11,000 lives annually, our dedication is clear.

Every meal we provide, every alliance we forge, is a testament to our mission: ensuring no child's potential is limited by hunger.

What we are doing

Children at Risk provides food for over 200 individuals every week, ensuring that they have a meal on their table.

Currently, we serve approximately 70 families per week, which amounts to over 11,000 individuals per year.

Our efforts go beyond just feeding people; we aim to help them achieve their dreams.

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The Impact of Giving

With your help, last year alone, we transformed: 

176,278 meals served

$596,676 in value rescued

701,274 lbs. of waste averted from landfills

Engagements with 84 businesses


My family has taken advantage of the food program since it started.  Recently (the last 12 months) it has become our main source of food.  We have 3 children with disabilities, we are also considered the head of a larger family unit with my mother who is disabled and lives with us and depends on my husband and I financially.  I also have a sister that has a recently diagnosed autistic child but has not had the financial means to support him entirely on her own, requiring support from us. 


Our oldest son, who is autistic and developmentally delayed has recently moved to a semi independent living situation still requiring a lot of support from us both emotionally and financially to continue to live independently,  so needless to say we have a lot of challenges within our family unit.    


The food program brings more inclusion to the autism community by allowing the family to use the savings from food costs to support their family member in the most beneficial way they see fit.  


So again I would like to thank Children at Risk for the invaluable support they currently provide to my family through the food program and I hope and pray this program will stay a part of Children at Risk's main endeavors for the foreseeable future! 

- Renee

Our Partners

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