Carved Pumpkin 2019


Please – IF POSSIBLE - select one or more of the shifts below and send us your name, email, and phone number by FRIDAY, JUNE 10TH – or 613-741-8255 (Text) We encourage YOU to forward this to any friends or family who would like to be part of this fun day at the beach while supporting our cause.

Volunteer Role:

Parking Lot Monitors

Bicycle Compound Monitors


Parking Lot Monitors

Volunteers will be assigned to various parking areas of the event (Canada Post, Mooney’s Bay Beach lots, Hogs’ Back road Marina Lot). Activities and responsibilities include:

For this area, volunteers may bring folding chairs, portable shade, etc. for comfort while on breaks. Note – a member of the HOPE Planning Team will be helping to oversee operations/collection of fees.

Bicycle Compound Monitors

Volunteers will work within the large bicycle compound area. Activities and responsibilities include:

For this area, volunteers will have access to a tent and chairs while waiting to serve bicycle patrons. Note – a member of the HOPE Planning Team will be onsite the entire day to oversee operations/collection of fees.


  1. Which Role and Which Shift – (for Parking Canada Post, Mooney’s Bay Beach lots, Hogs’ Back road Marina Lot)
  2. First Name & Last Name
  3. Email address
  4. Telephone Number
  5. T-Shirt Size (S-XXL)
  6. Emergency Contact Name and Telephone Number
  7. Other Notes – Like if you and a Friend are Volunteering together and want the same area/shift

Hello Families, Friends and Supporters!

In order to finance our Programs – we reach out to Local Fundraising Opportunities – like the HOPE Volleyball SummerFest - that is NOW allowed to return this Summer after 2 Years of COVID cancellations!

Since 1981, HOPE Volleyball SummerFest has been supporting local charities with the proceeds from its volleyball tournament held each July at Mooney’s Bay Beach.

This year, OUR CHARITY is one of HOPE’s recipient charities and we are thrilled to be receiving funding for our Food Distribution Program!

In return for the Support, we are asked to provide 50 volunteers to help with the smooth running of the event. Your time and assistance are needed on Saturday, July 16th!

Below - you will see the Roles that Children at Risk is required to provide Volunteers for – Parking Lot Monitors and Bicycle Compound Monitors.

  1. We MUST sign up Volunteers directly with Us – NOT on the Main Volunteer Sign in for HOPE
  2. We ask if you can Email to or Text to 613-741-8255 if you can Help
  3. Let us know which Assignment and Shift you prefer

Children at Risk continues to assist over to 400 families raising a child diagnosed within the Autism Spectrum Disorders in Ottawa and the surrounding region. We offer support not only for the child with Autism, but the entire family! All our services are financed solely by fundraising and donations (NO direct government funding), it is critically important that our fundraising activities be successful – like HOPE!

Community supports for families raising a child with Autism are of utmost importance! With this devastating diagnosis of Autism, a life-long disability, now being estimated as high (or higher) than 1 in every 64 children, Children at Risk’s programs are needed more than ever. We want to be here for our families – we hope you can be there for us!

Yours truly, Brenda Reisch, cell 613-741-8255 Email: