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Theft from Children At Risk

As many of you are aware – Children at Risk is a Charity that survives solely on Fundraising, Donations and Grants.

Today was a Happy Day earlier – as we launched our Spring Raffle Ticket sales by setting up a table in Carlingwood Shopping Centre!

We have done this traditionally just before Mother’s Day – as the Malls are busy and (hopefully) some might buy Tickets for Mom!?>
This evening – our 2 Volunteers were shocked to have a male Youth – who had been talking with them earlier and indicating he had a brother with Autism – snatch our Plexiglass Donation Box off the Table – right in front of them – and dash out the Mall Entrance!! ☹ ☹ ☹

This Theft was unfortunately not caught on camera – and is not only the loss of cash, but the expensive Plexiglass Box – and the security and peace-of-mind of our Volunteers that a Charity could be the target of such an act of Violence. Thankfully they did not pursue and risk injury should the Teen have been armed with a knife or such. Carlingwood Security looked at footage but the table was just a few feet off being in the line of their cameras…

The total damage is probably only about $100 for the cash and the Donation Box – but this Event has been very unnerving and disconcerting….we are heartbroken about the cost - both material and psychological….we work so hard to raise critically-important Funds for our Programs and Services – it is a tough pill to swallow…
We do have a concern that the Donation Box might be used fraudulently to raise Funds – so we have attached and inserted below a picture of what it would look like….PLEASE – if anyone sees this out in the Community – we DO NOT have any boxes collecting monies at any locations other than when we are staging or attending an Event. If this is seen – please contact me immediately on my cell at 613-261-4442. Do not try to take it or apprehend anyone – we will involve the Police. The description of the youth was male, age 14-15, white, no glasses, under 5 feet tall, short hair, English speaking.

It is making us question having a Fundraising Activity where cash is involved – especially in an environment like an indoor mall where you would think it would be more secure…? It is NOT fun to end your day with less money than you started out – and the brash boldness of this boy to openly steal right in front of adults…from a Charity – has left us quite shaken…not a great way to start off a Fundraising Activity!

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Thank you speaker in October was a autism Awareness Month. I'm pleased to rise again recognition of the organization children at risk and their efforts to raise funds and awareness for autistic children. October 26th weekend marked another successful annual celebrity carved pumpkin auction fundraiser. Each year over 100 pumpkins are transformed into jack o lanterns and are presented throughout the city of Ottawa at local malls. This contest various news radio TV athletic business and political personalities participate in crafting a pumpkin and donating a prize to be bid on. To date this event has raised over ninety three thousand dollars. This year's total was an impressive $11,270. I was pleased to participate with my own submission made by my crafty assistant Natalie Mon petit. I want to also congratulate other MP's who took part in the carving for the cause the Honorable Yasser Nacti, the Honorable Bob Charelli, the Honorable Ottawa Carelton MP Lisa Mcleod. All proceeds go to the community-based projects such as summer camps family support group information seminars and educational workshops. Without organizations like children to risk many autistic children would not receive the special care they need to reach their full potential. For 34 years children at Risk has been helping with autistic children and their families in the Ottawa region and I applaud their ongoing work congratulations to President Paul Lacroix and his team for another successful run carved pumpkin contest thank you speaker

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Children at Risk – recipient

Children at Risk provides support to families of children diagnosed within the autism spectrum disorders. Their Camp Kaleidoscope is a day camp for children and young adults with autism. Each camper is assigned their own counsellor, sometimes two or three, ensuring their safety and participation. Activities include swimming, martial arts, museum trips, computer use, crafts, cooking and more.