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Sunset Gourmet Fundraiser

Sunset Gourmet Logos

Children At Risk is always looking for fundraisers and this one from Sunset Gourmet is a win win for us and you...

Think about all your up-coming gift obligations:-

  • Mother's Day - What Mother doesn't want to make cooking easier - Anything on the list
  • Father's Day - B7 and B11 Anna Mae's Grill Sauce for the Man who has everything but likes to BBQ
  • Graduation Teacher Gifts - For the Ladies A23 & A9 and for the Gents B10 or the Beer Breads A11 & A12
  • Brothers or Brother-in-laws Birthday - Lots of choice but check out A9, A10, B7, B12, B13
  • Hard to please Sister-in-law's Birthday - B20 fabulous with Kahlua and A1 which is addictively yummy
  • Something Special for the Kids - B19 Double Fudge Brownie mix or A20 Microwave Chocolate Fudge Mix which is also GF/CF!

Sunset Gourmet is Canadian owned and operated, specializing in gourmet convenience foods

  • Everything is quick to prepare and delicious to enjoy - Everyone can be a great cook as recipes provided with each product
  • Will add pizzazz to your everyday meals or provide great ideas for on the run to replace "fast food" drive thru's
  • Nearly half the catalogue is GLUTEN FREE ( GF next to our Gluten free items -Nathalie happy to discuss any allergens)
  • Priced right to fit everyone's budget
  • Makes excellent gifts! Each of the 3 options comes in a reusable gift bag! It comes wrapped!

How to participate?

  1. Review the attached flyer.
  2. Choose Option 1, 2 or 3
  3. E-mail your choices to -Nathalie Creamer, Independent Sunset Gourmet Distributor . Include your name and telephone number. Nathalie will call you to discuss payment options (Visa, Mastercard or electronic fund transfer)
  4. Order Deadline is May 5th at 8pm.
  5. Orders can be picked up the CAR office on Friday, May 10th from 3pm – 7pm. (Just in time for Mother’s Day!)

Children at Risk will receive at least 20% of each order, so spread the word, share this email with family, friends, neighbours, co-workers - everyone loves to eat!

Nathalie Creamer

613 487-4181

Sunset Gourmet