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Hope and Bags

Children at Risk is honoured to be chosen by 4 students from Carleton University's Entrepreneurship Course in working to create a fundraising startup for our charity. Their idea was to create an online e-commerce store through the Online Venture Challenge Online Venture Challenge. They are selling decorated canvas tote bags and drawstring bags that can be purchased to support Children at Risk. If in Ottawa, delivery is only $1!

I have already ordered a bunch for Christmas Gifts – I am going to use them to put my gifts in instead of wrapping paper or gift bags – helps the Charity and you have a re-usable bag after too!

You can see it on

Just a few notes on the on-line ordering:

  1. Make sure to set country to Canada, not United States – the students have looked into why Canada is not the default but cannot change it.
  2. You can pay either by a Pay Pal or just by credit card without Pay Pal – but you do have to check the agree to Terms box even if you are not using Pay Pal, as it is Pay Pal that is processing the order.
  3. Orders can only be made up to November 27, 2015 – so do not delay to participate in this fundraiser!
  4. Orders may take a few weeks to be filled – as they have already sold out of their current supply!
  5. They can now accept in-person cash payments through Shopify's POS app as well

Happy Shopping!

Hope Tote Bag Hope Drawstring Bag