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Valentine Auction

Valentines Heart

We have been working VERY hard to get out this “Heart-Felt” Auction – so we hope you will also “Feel the Love” – Check It Out and BID LOTS!! Bids will be taken up to Wednesday, February 12 at 3 PM. The Exception will be Item #1 that closes on Tuesday at 3 PM

This is NOT an on-line Auction – bids are done only by email to our Offices. Bids will be updated at least twice daily. However – at is a Google Link - everyone can log in to it and check out where the Bids are at!

The Auction Site Link Is:

Email your bids to
Quote the Item # and your bid – please respect the Minimum Bid Increments (but you can bid higher than those!). If you are outbid – I will email you – but you can also check out the Auction Site to see where bids are more rather than wait for email updates. We also encourage you to send the Auction Link to Family, Friends, Co-Workers, and other Supporters! At just minimum Bids – we will raise over $2,000 – so check it out and Bid, Bid, Bid! J