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Adult Colouring Book

If you recall, last Fall Children at Risk was chosen by a Team of Students from the new Entrepreneurship Course at Carleton University. Their Project was the "Hope & Bags" with the reusable tote bags and backpack totes.
We have been chosen again this Term by another Team - these 4 Students are producing Custom Colouring Books - called "See You Colour".

Adult colouring books are all the rage right now! Their idea is for Carleton University Colouring books as well as custom colouring books, where the customer can send in their own photos to create a personalized experience. This provides customers with endless possibilities! You could create a book about your family trip, your favorite movie or show, or even your favorite places to be or countries that you want to visit! You no longer have to conform to a colouring book containing only one theme, you are the creativity behind this book. Whether it is for yourself or someone else, this book creates a one of a kind experience.

Their website will be completed soon - check it out at
Their Project wraps up mid-March - so don't delay!

Children at Risk is excited to again be recipients of this special Project for the Entrepreneurship course at Carleton University!

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