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About Children At Risk

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Children at Risk was incorporated as a charitable organization in 1979. It provides services in the Greater Ottawa area to families with children diagnosed within the Autism Spectrum Disorders. These children are “at risk” of not developing to their full potential if they do not receive early intensive intervention implemented skillfully and diligently. By developing a child’s skills to overcome behavioural, communication and social problems at the onset, they stand to achieve their full potential. This will enhance family life and community participation.

Our Goals

  • Children at Risk seeks to increase public awareness of Autism and the impact this disability has on the child and on his or her family and help them cope with the raising an autistic child.
  • Children at Risk advocates on behalf of Autistic children and their families at the local, provincial and national levels.
  • Children at Risk fosters linkages with other local agencies or organizations in the community.


There is a board of directors elected by the membership at each Annual General Meeting. The current Board of Directors is still looking for more volunteers.