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Welcome to Children At Risk Online

Our Mission

Provide services and programs to families of children diagnosed within the Autism Spectrum Disorders to develop their child's behavioural, communications and social skills, and to advocate for their ongoing needs.

Our Activities

Our Community–Based Special Projects are financed through donations and fundraising. Nominal fees are charged to cover registration and operating costs.

President's Message

It is with heavy heart that this will be my last President’s message. After many years as Board President, the time has come to pass the torch. As President you are only as good as your Board of Directors and together we have implemented a lot of changes and growth over the past years. So to each and every one of the Board Members over the years - we all owe you a BIG “thanks”. Mark Lalonde has been on the board as Secretary/Vice President for the past few years and has accepted the nomination to run for President. Working side by side all these years I has seen Mark’s passion and dedication for Children at Risk and have every confidence in the direction he and the Board will lead CAR. Please continue to support Mark as you all supported me. Having said all this, you will still see me at events and have offered to attend special functions as “Past President” if ever needed. This message would not be complete without speaking of Brenda and Bambina. There is not enough space in any newsletter anywhere on earth to ever cover the feelings, love, respect, appreciation and admiration that I have for both Brenda and Bambina. Their countless hours, dedication, passion and love beyond doubt make CAR the great charity that it is! From the late night Bingo’s of many years ago - to today’s Camp Kaleidoscope, CAR has come a long way!

Also many thanks to Natasha Ell Saunders for her 3 years of Service on the Children at Risk Board of Directors. Natasha has indicated her return to work full-time and managing her young family has her fully occupied. It was nice to have her as our resident “legal-eagle” for those years and we know we will still see her at CAR events and activities! Love you all and thanks for the many great friendships and the many great years. I truly cherish them.

Paul Lacroix,

Board President




The name Paul is from the Roman family name Paulus, which meant "humble" in Latin. Saint Paul was an important leader of the early Christian church – in some ways this long-standing President of the Children at Risk Board of Directors was OUR Leader! Paul Lacroix led by example – from representing the Board at multiple functions to tirelessly volunteering at fundraising events and activities. Paul actually took over part of a term when our Board President was unexpectedly transferred from Ottawa – and never looked back! He was instrumental in helping the Board of Directors move to a Carver Model, deciding policy – not how many paper clips the office is allowed to buy each month! His terms covered a large period of change and growth for Children at Risk – from financials of $145,000 to almost $500,000 – from serving 128 children annually to serving 430 children. Paul recognized the critical lack of Services for higher-needs ASD children and supported making a 4-year Dream turn into Reality with the creation of a Summer Day Camp, Camp Kaleidoscope. With raising his higher needs ASD son, David, Paul knew how much need there was in our Community for Services like Camps and Respite Programs. His involvement became a family affair – with his wife Debbie our Camp Director for 3 years, as well as their son Daniel and daughter Rachel working and volunteering for the Charity. Without Paul’s leadership and direction, Children at Risk may not still be in existence, much less the Leader the Charity has become in the Ottawa Autism Community for “Filling In The Gaps” in Services and Supports!

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