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Welcome to Children At Risk Online

Our Mission

Provide services and programs to families of children diagnosed within the Autism Spectrum Disorders to develop their child's behavioural, communications and social skills, and to advocate for their ongoing needs.

Our Activities

Our Community–Based Special Projects are financed through donations and fundraising. Nominal fees are charged to cover registration and operating costs.

President's Message

Happy 1st day of Winter, sorry, Spring … or is it …? Everyone I speak with is fed up with winter! Environment Canada just this morning issued a release that this is the coldest winter in 35 years and I believe them. So much for global warming! Hmmm … 35 years is the same year Children at Risk started!

We at Children at Risk are warming up to “Rockin for Risk” (April 5th ), the Autism Community Annual Family Picnic in June and much more. Preparations for Camp Kaleidoscope are in full swing. With the generosity of The King’s Daughters and Sons, and the efforts of our great volunteers at fundraising events, Camp Kaleidoscope will once again be the place to be for our children this summer (oh summer, I can’t wait!).

As Children at Risk continues to expand, grow and offer services to our community, it became apparent we really needed to bring on some additional part time help. Last month we welcomed Gillian Irvine onto our staff on a part time basis. Gillian has volunteered for Children at Risk at many events for a number of years and is a great and wonderful addition to the team.

We look forward to another great year ahead!

Paul Lacroix,

Board President